Component Request - burger menu as used like Modal

Hey Everyone,

Looking to see if someone wants or has the need to build a sidenav/menu using something similar to this -

What I envision is to use this menu on the opposite side of the UD Nav but use it like a Modal - so when a button is clicked (add users) the right side menu slides out and allows for input text, selects etc…

I am having a rough time with Modals - they are not very customizable, and they don’t live in their own element, so one modal will replace the next, not a lot of flexibility with CSS etc…

I think having a sliding out modal/menu would be a great feature.

What do you think?

Hey @mylabonline this particular component hit my component radar a while back…but just didn’t really know how I could bind it properly… :confused: so I moved onto my next component which was on my radar at the time…This does look super-cool…might have to re-look into it, or post some questions on this thread for how to do the things I don’t fully understand :crazy_face:

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I also found this

Gives the back/forward and multi-layer.

Hi @mylabonline

Honestly, i’ve been wanting to implement the “blades” (believe thats the name the designers gave it) from Azure’s admin panel.
This would kinda-ish do the same thing, with less neatness.

But for your usecase… i’d say go with either me or psdevuk’s new modules for now:

Either that or @psDevUK wanna give it a go?

Thanks @BoSen29 - my use case is actually the blades type feature like seen in the Azure portal, you nailed it! That’s where my idea for this request came from

As for the the new Window modules, they look great, but don’t fit this use case for me.

Yo @BoSen29 not to sure how to go about implementing the menu, as you in essance would be replacing a core bit of UD that is automatically done…I’m not too sure on it…plus found out today I missed a lot of options in those google charts I just released, so I kind of got to rebuild and republish 5 components…happy for a team-up always up for learning something new :fist:

if you wanna i can take a look in this in a couple of hours


The react master hath spoken!
Looking forward to seeing this in gif-format in the morning :slight_smile:


Hey guys.

Bubbling this backup. Did anyone complete this component?