Created with PowerShell Universal Dashboard - Remove this


I am using community edition. How to remove this footer message?


You need the enterprise editon to remove the footer message.


Thanks for the quick response and I will buy Enterprise Edition


I bought the license. How do I apply the license and removing the footer?


I got it from here

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Read the documentation? :slight_smile:

and remember to not import the Community module, but the enterprise one:

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I uninstalled and re-installed UD. i have license and applied the license. now the footer comes with
Created with PowerShell Universal Dashboard
how to remove this and keep mine?


I usually set it blank in my New-UDDashboard footer parameter -Footer = (New-UDFooter -Endpoint{})

Are you sure you’re importing the Enterprise version when you start your dashboard? I would uninstall community since you own enterprise.

Uninstall-Module UniversalDashboard.Community

At the top of your dashboard define a foot:-
$Footer = New-UDFooter -Copyright ‘Designed by YOUR NAME’
Then call that $Footer when you run your dashboard:-
$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title “Test FOOTER” -Pages @(
) -Footer $Footer