Dashboard to monitor FTP downloads of orders from customers


So I got tasked at work to automate the process of pulling files from an FTP site, removing the files once downloaded, then moving them to a specific folder on the network, so that they can be automatically imported into the database. I accomplished this using scheduled tasks for powershell to run at set time intervals. But how do you know everything is working? Simples design a beautiful dashboard

So this shows me the previous week of log files along the top and their file sizes (yes we had an issue on the 25/11/2018) shows how many orders have been imported into the network folder (hoping this will get me a bonus) shows how many orders have been done today, and the current size of the log file. It also shows me in real time when files come in to be processed. I also monitor the status of the service which is running on a separate server. This allows me to glance at this dashboard and see if there has been any issues downloading and importing.