DatePicker Input


Has anyone implemented a Date Picker Input field?


New-UDElement -Id ‘date’ -Tag ‘input’ -Attributes @{
type = “date”
id = “date”
value = “”

So I got this showing but how can I set the Value attribute to grab the value of the date picker?? or this not possible?


You can use New-UDInput to create a datepicker but I don’t think you’ll be able to do it with New-UDElement.

Here’s an example of how we use it in the integration tests:


@adam, question, is there any way to change this behavior? after a date is selected, and you call the date picker again, a date of 1918 is shown :wink:


Unfortunately, there is a bug in the JavaScript library we are using for this. I have this slated for 3.0 at the moment but if I can fix it earlier, I will.


AWESOMENESS! thanks @adam !