Help Desk / Field Services Toolbox

I have a WPF Powershell application I wrote and maintain for our techs to use so they can remotely manage pc’s on our domain. While its not hard to maintain and add features to, UD has just made updating it sooooo much nicer. So I have began porting my WPF Powershell script to UD and here it is so far.

Module 1 is mostly done for remote management of our workstations on 3 domains, which sadly means 3 different domain creds to pass. Will be adding more support for SCCM functionality and some custom scripts we use to fix issues. But the basics are there.

Future pages will include Service Now integration, AD Tools for our user management group, and an SCCM dashboard for my team, kinda like PowerBI.


From one Bacon to another @Bacon very nice :+1: