How to convert UDGrid from V2 to UDTable in V3?

Hi all,

I will upgrade my UniversalDashboard to V3. But how can I convert a UDGrid like these in a UDTable in V3?

 New-UDGrid -Title "Mitarbeiter zur Weiterberechnung hinzufuegen" -PageSize 3 -NoExport -FilterText "Mitarbeitername eingeben" -Id "WeiterKostHinzuID" -Headers @(" ", "Name", "Tochtergesellschaft") -Properties Hinzufuegen, Name, Company -Endpoint {
          $Objects2 = Get-ADUser -Filter {(enabled -eq "true" -and ExtensionAttribute1 -notlike "*")} -Properties Displayname, Company, SamAccountName, ExtensionAttribute1 | Sort-Object name
          $Objects2 | ForEach-Object {
                  Name = $_.Name
                  Displayname = $_.Displayname
                  SamAccountName = $_.SamAccountName
                  Company = $_.Company
                  Hinzufuegen = New-UDButton -Floating -Icon plus -OnClick {
                    Set-ADUser -Identity "$($_.SamAccountName)" -Add @{extensionAttribute1="berechnen"}    
                    Set-ADUser -Identity "$($_.SamAccountName)" -Add @{extensionAttribute2="AD"}  
                    Show-UDToast -Message "$($_.Name) hinzugefuegt" -Duration 5000
                    Sync-UDElement -Id "WeiterKostID"
                    Sync-UDElement -Id "WeiterKostHinzuID"  
          } | Out-UDGridData


Thanks !!!

Hi, @TiX

There are some great examples here and source code for that page here , hope that helps.

I’d made a new post here - I’m not a developer by any means, but having said that I’m struggling to migrate to v3 big time.

Did you figure this out @TiX?

@mmcdougall not yet :confused:

I am a few steps further, data are displayed and paging is working, but i still have problems with sorting and filtering. I have tried different things, but until now its not working. How do I put in this code correct filtering and sorting?

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot!!

New-UDTable -Title 'AD Computer' -LoadData {
                $TableData = ConvertFrom-Json $Body      
                $PageSize = $TableData.PageSize
                $Offset = $TableData.Page * $PageSize
                $Nxtrow = $offset + 5

                $count = (Get-ADComputer -Filter {(Name -like "NB-*")}).count
                $Data = (Get-ADComputer -Filter {(Name -like "NB-*")} -Properties @("Name", "Description", "IPv4Address", "OperatingSystem"))[$Offset..$Nxtrow] | ForEach-Object {

                        name = $ 
                        description = $_.description
                        ipv4address = $_.ipv4address
                        operatingsystem = $_.operatingsystem
                $Data | Out-UDTableData -Page $ -TotalCount $count -Properties $
            } -Columns @(
                New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Name' -Sort $true -Filter $true
                New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Description' -Sort $true -Filter $true
                New-UDTableColumn -Property 'IPv4Address' -Sort $true -Filter $true
                New-UDTableColumn -Property 'OperatingSystem' -Sort $true -Filter $true
            ) -Sort -Filter