Line Chart with multiply dataset


How do I make it just a line? without the fill?


New-UDChart -Title “YourChartTitle” -Type Line -Endpoint {…

Just use the -type parameter and set it to line


that is set :slight_smile: but it still do the “Fill: Start”
like the one in the sample here

I want the “Fill: false”

I get this:

This is not a Line chart :slight_smile:
I am unable to see the line in the Grey area.


Oh stupid me, I am using the wrong New-UD{Type}ChartDataset.
Changing to the correct one: New-UDLineChartDataset
and I am able to define -fill $null


This is from @adamdriscoll github page:-

New-UDChart -Title "Line Chart without Underfill" -Type "Line" -Endpoint {
    $Data | Out-UDChartData -LabelProperty "Animal"  -Dataset @(
        New-UDLineChartDataset -Label "Animals" -DataProperty Count  -BorderColor "#35FF8A" -BorderWidth 3 -Fill $false

This gives you just a line no fill