New-UDSideNav -- possible to include a New-UDElement or New-UDImage?

I’d like to include a logo at the top of my side nav. Seems New-UDSideNav only accepts New-UDSideNavItem, which makes sense. Any way to do what I’m asking with an element or just a straight image though?


This would be nice to have!

Hi guys @artvandelay440 and @Jacob-Evans are you guys still looking for something like this? Please see the screenshot of my current dashboard I am working on. This is a fixed sidenav and I am sure if my image was bigger this is what you are after?
Happy to post my css if this is what you are after?

I am curious how you got the udNav to extend all the way across the top, and have the side nav underneath? CSS maybe?

Hi @artvandelay440 yes it was all CSS I have posted the exact CSS code for this on GITHUB here:-
I personally think this looks a bit nicer…?

i don’t see the link to a github anywhere?