Playing with material-ui in UD


Created some new command to play with the material ui appbar.

New-UDPage -Name "AppBar" -Icon dot_circle_o -Content {
New-UDAppBar -DashboardTitle 'Universal Dashboard Material-UI' -IconButton @(
    New-UDIconButton -Icon AccountCircle
    New-UDIconButton -Icon Book
    New-UDIconButton -Icon Notifications
) -SearchAppBar (
    New-UDSearchAppBar -PlaceHolder 'Search...'


If you think its cool and think we should move to material ui fw please follow this tweet


If you think its cool

Ha that’s a good one!

I’m super excited :slight_smile: Don’t know much about Javascript, but this seems like a good fit for the project.



Material UI so awesomeeee.