Simple search bar for UD

Here is a simple custom search bar I developed.
I called it DudSearch.

You can use it to search absolutely anything.
You are in control of what it searches and how it searches it.
Custom syntax like [Tags] to filter using different criterias ?
No problem at all !

I hope to improve it over time to include

  • Better styling
  • Filtered data / autocomplete suggestion
  • custom buttons / checkboxes to set custom parameter.

It has the following parameters

Text: Set the initial text (Although now that I think of it, the filter won’t apply on load)
Placeholder: Set the control placeholder (If not provided, Search… is used by default
[ScriptBlock]OnChange: Endpoint called each time the textbox content change
[ScriptBlock]OnEnter Endpoint called only when the user press Enter.

New-DudSearch  -OnEnter { Set-UDElement -id 'Debug' -content { "OnEnter event: Enter key was pressed" } } -OnChange {
   Set-UDElement -id 'Debug' -content { "OnChange event - New text: $EventData" }

See SimpleDemo.ps1 / Demo.ps1 files to see how to implement.

Get it here :


Nice! Would love to see that on the PowerShell Gallery!

If you publish it with the ud-control tag it will also show up on the Marketplace.


Yes, good idea.
I’ll do it in the next few days.

Edit 1:
I fixed a vulnerability found in one of the package by Github security insight.
The vulnerability in Yaml-js, which is a dependency of one of the package.

I also submitted a pull request to suggest that the UD-custom-control-template be updated too.

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Cool! I merged in the PR. Thanks!

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Now on the marketplace !