UD 3 - Beta7 - Set custom elements based on selection

Good afternoon,
I’m currently continuing my journey through code refactor of my dashboard in UD 2.x to UD 3 in the PSUniversal setup.

Back on UD 2.x, I had sections setup on pages that would update/change depending on selections. Attached is a gif example, selecting the radio button option would create/update a secondary input box for this function.

I accomplished this in 2.x by creating a UDElement with an ID and a blank -endpoint. I then used the on-change functionality of the radio button to do a set-udelement on the ID i established for the box. And like magic, box changes depending on the selection!

However, when trying this on my version 3 rewrite, I’m getting nothing out of it. Anyone come across this and provide some guidance?


Try New-UDDynamic with Sync-UDelement

I had forgotten about the UDDynamic setup. However looking at Sync-UDElement, and even Set-UDElement, it doesn’t have a content parameter, only ID and Broadcast. I’m unclear what Broadcast does, but just from some initial testing i’m not seeing any results trying this approach.