UD hosted under IIS, endpoint not starting up or "crash"?


Hey all,

Anyone else have issue with endpoints not comming up?
this is not happening all the time.

EndpointInitialization Crashing IIS hosted UD

I would suggest using Enable-UDLogging and seeing what that says, might give you some more information on the problem.


I can see some VERY slow responses (longest 220 secods), but no errors.


okey, maybe I am onto something, I have 14 endpoints, and most of them are pending another endpoint to finish.
I then see this in the log:
09:51:01 [Debug] Quartz.Simpl.TaskSchedulingThreadPool TaskSchedulingThreadPool configured with max concurrency of 10 and TaskScheduler ThreadPoolTaskScheduler.

So lets say that I have 10 endpoints waiting for the same single endpoint, but it never fires ?
I guess this is possible?
@adamdriscoll ?


Sure seems like it. I haven’t heard of this before but it could be the case. Seems like the Quartz threadpool is all used up. I could increase the thread pool but it seems like you probably have one or more endpoints that are stuck.

Please open an issue on GitHub for this because I want to investigate it.