UDSignature - a learning experience

@psDevUK has graciously prioritized my request for an alternative for his whiteboard control, that has pen and export support. Big thanks to you Adam!

Based on: https://github.com/agilgur5/react-signature-canvas

Since he’s a busy man and all, I was hoping someone more capable than me could help me understand some of the stuff going on.

The original react signature canvas supports exporting the content:

toDataURL(mimetype, encoderOptions) : base64string , returns the signature image as a data URL

The signature can also simply be saved with a right click,

How would I go about using Get-UDElement (I assume that’s the one) to programatically grab that Base64 data/Image?

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Nice work! This looks awesome!

Implementing Get-UDElement support is something that currently needs to be done per control. I have an issue created to improve the JavaScript API for UD. @AlonGvili has already been doing some work on the guts of UD to make it easier to create custom controls using new React features.

I’ll comment on Adam’s repo with how to do this currently and link back here.

Opened an issue here: https://github.com/psDevUK/UDSignature/issues/2

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