Universal Dashboard v3 Progress

Hi guys, just one thing poped out of my mind when I read this. It would be great if all commands are consistent and having the same style, just keep this in mind :wink:

The style is up to you , you can change every component
And you. Can do all from the theme , i will create examples , when we finish

Just referring to e.g. font color is set as a command parameter in one cmdlet and as theme style in another cmdlet. :slight_smile:

We are looking to provide coloring\styling through themes. So we won’t have FontColor\BackgroundColor per cmdlet. Rather, you will update the theme and all controls will just update.

If you want to update a single component to have a custom style, we are going to provide theme “variants”. So the styling will still happen in the theme but you will just assign that variant to the component. This means you can do whatever you want in terms of styling without having to add a FontColor\BackgroundColor\Style to every component.

Hope that makes sense. Obviously documentation will follow and we’re open to feedback once people start playing with it.

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Yea what he said

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Sounds great … Good job @AlonGvili @adam :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response on GH.
I tried a bit working with v3 and saw a lot of changes (no bugs)
I see a huge need to get a documentation about the migration from v2 to v3.
I know that you are having this in mind but wanted to mention this important point.

Love to see the importent progress for UD in v3.

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Migration documentation and tooling will be a top priority for this release. I realize there are a ton of breaking changes. I hope we can help ease the transition as much as possible.


How much rewriting will be needed for components to support V3?
Move everything from props to state, and remove the custom event handlers and it’ll be good 2 go?

Existing components will still work in v3. No rewriting is necessary.

That said, we’ll be releasing a NPM package that contains this: https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/blob/master/src/UniversalDashboard.MaterialUI/Components/universal-dashboard.jsx

You’ll be able to use it with your components so you can automatically take advantage of *-UDElement, event handlers etc.

It can be used like this: https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/blob/master/src/UniversalDashboard.MaterialUI/Components/checkbox.jsx#L60

We’ll also be documenting how to do that. It will be much easier for components that are really interactive.


Looking fancy!
Can’t wait to play around with the V3!

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On the ability to change light/dark theme, is this something that can be stored as a persistent cookie for a user so it remembers their preference or how will that work? I know I have at least one user who will be really excited about this as she doesn’t like my dark theme. :slight_smile:

i think for start we will store this in the browser LocalStorage


Any update on the progress (release date) to test the alpha version? :slight_smile: I am working on a project an would love to start this with v3 … also in order to do a lot of testingand bug reporting

Hoping to get something out this week…we will see.


How is v3 going. Ready for more beta testers to jump in yet?

Beta2 is up on the gallery: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/UniversalDashboard/3.0.0-beta2

Feel free to play


Thanks Adam.

Working put together a dashboard that demonstrates some practical uses for those new controls (in the showoff category) that others have made available. Doing this in 2.9 and will port to v3 when done.

3.0.0-beta loaded and have the dashboard.ps1 instance working. Will be kicking the v3 tires now. Thanks. v3 is all looking really strong.

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Having a hard time understanding the logic flow of New-UDDrawer and New-UDAppBar would produce something similar to New-UDSideNav in v2. Seems like New-Page definitions in v3 get auto added to the Navigation bar which would result in some navigation duplication.