Use icon shapes for New-UDcard


How feasible would it be to specify a shape for the New-UdCard command. I know we can add icons to the card or tile, but changing the actual shape of the card.

for example

I set the status of the icon to match the status of the object (e.g. web server etc)


It would likely require some custom CSS to change the actual shape of the card. Since cards are just made out of UD elements, it should be pretty straight forward.

When you say change the shape of the card, what are you looking to achieve exactly? More rounded cards or something?


so the example above, as if it’s possible to set say and ICON.PNG file as the card shape and set the colour of the icon based on the condition/state .

Say for example I have a Web server , using the web icon, the status is green (as the service is up)

As part of the monitoring, if the service goes down stops, then the icon changes to red

does that make sense?


Hey @Cragdoo I do have a licensed version of Universal Dashboard, but thinking couldn’t you put this in an “if” statement then display the image with:- New-UDIcon -Icon smile_o -Size 2x -Color “red” not sure if community version allows different colours on New-UDIcon but thinking this would work.


I was thinking it would be cool to have a -rounded parameter on the card. I did achieve the rounded effect using:-
New-UDColumn -Size 3 -Content {
New-UDElement -Tag “div” -Attributes @{ class = “card rounded”;Style = “border-radius:50px;”} -Content {
New-UDElement -Tag “div” -Attributes @{class=“container”} -Content {
New-UDElement -Tag “h1” -Content { “Rounded Card”}